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[About ISJ (Overview)]

“General Incorporated Association, the Imaging Society of Japan” (ISJ) is an organization of engineers and researchers who strive for progress and growth of the imaging technology through exchange of information concerning basis and application of image. ISJ offers various opportunities for studying and exchanging information in the fields of the imaging science and the relevant technologies.

Since its establishment in 1958 as the Forum of the Electrophotography of Japan, ISJ has been contributed to the  improvement of both the fundamentals of imaging science and the practical technologies through research and development of new materials, devices, processes and image processing for various non-impact printing methods such as electrophotography.

In 1998, 40th anniversary of the foundation, the society was renamed to the Imaging Society of Japan to cover the expanded field of digital imaging technology including electronic imaging.

In 2008, ISJ celebrated its 50th anniversary and published four volumes on digital printer technology as a commemorative project.

In 2010, ISJ registered its incorporation and made a new start as the General Incorporated Association of Imaging Society of Japan.

Current membership is about 700.  We are striving to attain our dream on imaging. The Imaging Society of Japan is designated as a cooperative academic research organization by the Science Council of Japan.

[Main Activities]

[Hosting various academic events]

ISJ holds bi-annual conferences in Tokyo in the spring (June) and in the Kansai region in the autumn (November) to report the research results of its members and to have discussions and exchanges between presenters and participants.  ISJ also organizes various events such as the “Symposium” on specific themes,  the “Technical Course” for young researchers and engineers to learn the basics of imaging technology, and the “Technical Seminar” supervised by the respective technical committee.
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[Publication of the Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan]

ISJ publishes “Journal of Imaging Society of Japan” six times a year (bimonthly) for theoretical and experimental research reports in the field of imaging and image-related fields concerning imaging material, processes and image processing and so on.

[Distribution of test charts, standard carriers, etc.]

The Technical Committee of the Imaging Society of Japan distributes “high-precision test charts” that have been researched from a professional standpoint, “standard carriers” that can be widely used for testing of measuring equipment, quality control during manufacturing, and creation of common data in commercial transactions.


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