[Annual meeting, Imaging Conference JAPAN]

The annual conference provides opportunities for researchers and engineers concerning imaging technology to make active discussion and exchange of ideas through sharing their latest investigations.

Every spring (June), Imaging Conference Japan is held in the Kanto area, and in autumn (November), the Imaging Conference JAPAN Fall Meeting is held in the Kansai area.

2018 Annual meeting, “Imaging Conference JAPAN 2018” (at Chiba University)



A regular symposium is organized twice a year (in May at Kansai, in December at Tokyo) featuring a specific theme. An international symposium is also held irregularly featuring a technical field which is insufficient only by domestic knowledge such as electronic paper.

2019 annual year-end Kanto symposium (at  Nissho Hall, Tokyo)


[Lecture Course]

Lecture course is held twice a year targeting engineers having 1 to 3 years’ experience in the imaging technology to learn basics.  The spring course includes 2days lecture at Tokyo. The fall course is an intensive course in one day at Kansai area.  The spring course has an optional course of practical training for numerical simulation.

2022 Lecture Course on Simulation
(at Unicom-Plaza Sagamihara)


[Technical Seminar]

Technical seminar is organized by each sub-committee of the Technical Committee with presentations by specialists in the specific field.

Group discussions by participants on the Electrophotography technical Seminar (2019)


[Imaging Café]

Key concept of the “Imaging Café” is to enjoy discussion with some refreshments in the evening after work.  It is open monthly with a guest speaker.  An individual membership earns a special discount to the registration fee.

Logo of the Imaging Café




ISJ’s Journal is published including original papers, technical articles, feature issues (Imaging Today) and reports/ announcements of ISJ’s events.  The Editorial Committee maintains opportunity for members to share knowledge.  “Imaging Today” features recent topics or information of some relevant fields providing articles by specialists.

Front cover of the ISJ Journal, published in every other month


[Free Talking “Imaging Today”]

Authors of the articles featured at the “Imaging Today” of the ISJ’s Journal are invited and make lectures and discussions. The lectures are followed up with a social hour.  It is held twice a year.

The 24th Free Talking (at Waseda University in 2014)

[Distribution of Test Charts, Standard Developers and Technical Glossary]

“Standardization” is a mission of the academic society to define the common scales and terms.  ISJ’s technical committee researches and develops high-precision test charts, standard developers and also distributes a terminology of the technical terms.

Digital Chart No.7 developed by the Technical Committee on Image Evaluation Technology.



ISJ edits and publishes books on imaging technology. The recent publications are “Electro-photography”, “Electronic Paper”, “Inkjet” and “Chemical Toner”.

Series “Technology on Digital Printers”, All 4 volumes (2008) and the latest publication (2018).


[Technical Community Group]

Recently, several community sites such as the Inkjet Community and the Simulation Community organized by the sub-committees are established.

Community sites organized by the technical committee



ISJ makes honorable recognitions of those who have remarkable accomplishments to contribute academic or technological progress in the fields of image and imaging.  ISJ prepares the Society Award, the Achievement Award, the Paper Award, the Research Grant, the Technology Award, the Technical Research Award and the President Grand Prize. ISJ also gives honors of Fellows to those who contributed to the specialized fields.

Commemorative photo scene at the award ceremony of the Imaging Society of Japan (2018)


 [Annual Assembly]

According to the ISJ’s articles of incorporation, ISJ holds an annual regular general assembly to resolve important bills.  The assembly is held during the period of the annual conference in spring.  Each one individual membership carries one voting rights.

2014 the annual assembly (at Tokyo Institute of Technology)


 [ISJ’s Homepage]

ISJ’s homepage introduces the newest information of the events and applications. Useful links such as to registration sites of the respective events, application sites of the annual conference, updating your membership information are available through this page.

Top page of the ISJ’s website renewed in 2023


[Collaboration with Other Societies]

In 2014, “The Federation of Imaging Societies” has been established by the Imaging Society of Japan, the Institute of Image Electronics Engineers of Japan, the Japan Society for Printing Science and Technology and the Society of Photographic Science and Technology, Japan.  They are expanding their fields for discussion and information sharing by co-sponsoring or mutually supporting events. In addition, we are expanding our collaboration with the Visual Society of Japan, such as co-sponsoring a “Basic Course on Vision and Images” for beginners.

ISJ also arranges international collaboration with the Society for Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T) and Chinese Society for Imaging Science and Technology by supporting or co-sponsoring international conferences.


[New Challenges]

ISJ is working to expand the scope based on the society vision “Action before 2020”, which was planned at the milestone of the 60th anniversary of the foundation.


Strengthening the field of visual research

In 2017, a collaboration project with the Vision Society of Japan has begun.  From July 2018, we started “Basic Course on Vision and Image (4 times in total)”.  By training engineers who are familiar with both the fields of vision science and image engineering, we aim to evolve into a technology that efficiently draws out the power of images.

Strategic chart toward the field of visual research by the Vision 2030.


Strengthening the 3D printing area

In October 2018, we established the Special Interest Group of 4D and Functional Fabrication (4DFF), starting with the “Conference on 4D and Functional Printing 2018” co-sponsored by the ISJ and Consortium of the Global Society with Planetary Fabbing, SFC Keio University.  We will develop it as a place for discussions and presentations in research areas aimed at realizing the fourth axis (time axis or value axis) that is beyond the expansion of the material range of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology.

Conference on 4D and Functional Fabrication 2022 (at Yamagin Kenmin Hall, Yamagata)


 “Copying Machine Heritage“

ISJ started the honoring business to certify “Copying Machine Heritage” in 2018 in order to commend the technical and social achievements of the early copiers that became the driving force of the copier industry in Japan, and to keep the memory of the technology installed in existing historic copiers for a long time and pass it on to future generations.  Currently, 10 cases and 11 models are certified.

The 3rd Copying Machine Heritage Certification Celemony (online)