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In 1998, to commemorate the holding of the international conference, the logo was designed with the acronym SEPJ, the name of the society at the time, “The Society of Electrophotography of Japan.”


The above design was updated later, and the following logo was used until PPIC/Japan Hardcopy ’98 held to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the founding of the society.

When the name of the society was changed from the Electrophotographic Society to the Imaging Society of Japan, a new logo was adopted that followed the design of the previous society’s logo.

The Imaging Society of Japan logo has been updated to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its founding.
While inheriting the design concept of the logo up to that point, it was designed to have an impact even from an international perspective.
The red iron oxide color of J’s head is based on the color of the cover since the beginning of the journal, and the Hinomaru is also associated.
Here are three examples of how to use it. In principle, please use according to this.



For color pages with a white background
For monochrome pages with a white background (no restrictions on text color)
For colored backgrounds (restricted to white text)

[Word, PowerPoint Template with ISJ logo]


[2022/01/01] The website URL for the Word template was changed

[2010/07/22] Added “general incorporated association” to the Word template

[2009/01/28] Corrected postal code in Word template


MS PowerPoint (white background)
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MS PowerPoint (colored background)
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