Technical Fields

Toner image


What is “Imaging”?


“Imaging” means an artificial manner to allocate colored or emitting material on a substrate by utilizing various physical or chemical phenomena for creating visible structure as an image. Imaging process and its relevant technology of material, control, analysis, digital processing, measurement, evaluation, etc. are ISJ’s main scopes.  Furthermore, ISJ is capturing additional scopes such as research for visibility and image recognition of human being or enhanced application of imaging process to the other industry fields.


ISJ’s Technical Fields


● Inkjet

   Inkjet process, Print-head structure/driver, Ink materials, Colorants, Pigments, etc.

● Electrophotography

   Printing process/devices, Photoconductor, Developer materials (colorants, pigments),
   Functional materials

● Direct Marking

   Toner marking, Thermal printing, Material compositions, Colorants, Pigments

● Digital Fabrication

   Applying imaging technology to the other fields

● Electronic Paper/ Electronic Imaging


● Novel Imaging


● Display Materials and Devices

   Material/engineering for Organic EL, Liquid crystal, etc.

● Image Input

   Image scanner, Digital camera, etc.

● Image Processing and Network


● Image Measurement and Evaluation


● Color and Sensibility Kansei on Imaging


● 3D-4D Printing


● Environmental Protection and Energy Saving