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Notice from Board of Councilor

Notice of Board of Councilor (2023)

Information on the ISJ Board of Councilors and special lecture
Friday, March 15,2024 at TKP Kanda Business Center
Special lecture “Ultra-high-definition imaging technology and its applications – A picture scroll, and its development”
Professor Ari IDE (Advanced Imaging Technology Research Center)

Notice of Board of Councilors (2022)

Information on the ISJ Boad of Councilors and special lecture
Friday, March 17, 2023 ZOOM online event
 Special lecture “A life devoted to research”
 Professor Makoto Omodani (Tokyo Denki University)


Records of past councilor meetings (List)


Fisical YearDateContents of Special Lecture
FY20232024/03/15“Ultra-high-definition imaging technology and its applications – A picture scroll, and its development”
Professor Ari IDE (Advanced Imaging Technology Research Center)
FY20222023/03/17”A life devoted to research”
Makoto Omotani, Tokyo Denki University
FY20212022/02/04”8K ultra-high-definition video technology and its medical application”
Kenkichi Tanioka, Research Professor, School of Medicine, Stony Brook University, New York
FY20202021/03/15“- Beyond Printing – Document digitization and electronic authentication(online)
Koichi Yokoyama, Paperlogic Co., Ltd. President and CEO
FY20192020/03/13Canceled due to measures against the new coronavirus
We will send the report materials to the councilors and related parties at a later date.
FY20182019/03/15“World of VR2.0”
Michitaka Hirose, Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo
FY20172018/03/09“Present Status and Future Prospects of Production Printing”
Yasuo Miyamoto, Value Machine International Co., Ltd.
FY20162017/03/10“Vision Research and Image Engineering”
Keiji Uchikawa, Kanagawa University Multimodal Research Institute
FY20152016/03/08“Latest Trends in Digital Textiles”
Hiroki Inada, Konica Minolta (China) Investment Co., Ltd. IJ Textile Sales Department
FY20142015/03/12“Synaesthesia innovation through art and technology that creates excitement
– Hybrid technology of analog and digital -“
Yuichiro Taira, Specially Appointed Lecturer, Tokyo University of the Arts
FY20132014/03/11“Innovative logistics systems in retail and what images will be needed in the future”
Kenji Hayashi, Ishida Co., Ltd.
FY20122013/03/13“ Before and After -What the Amazon brought to the world and its DNA -“
Takanori Sakai, Sodan Net Com CEO
FY20112012/03/07“Overview of Printed Electronics Technology for Next Generation Flexible Devices”
Toshihide Kamada, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
FY20102011/02/04“Trends and Future Markets of Electronic Book Terminals and Electronic Publishing”
Yashio Uemura, Director, Tokyo Denki University Press
FY20092010/03/10“Augmented Reality, Augmented Human”
Junichi Rekimoto, Professor, University of Tokyo Graduate School
FY20082009/03/12“A Paradigm Shift in Value Standards – A New Viewpoint in Kansei Research -“
Hisao Shiizuka Professor, Kogakuin University
FY20072008/03/11“What is white light?
Ryoji Miyahara Professor, Tokyo University of Science
FY20062007/03/16“Standardization and business strategies that Japanese companies should adopt in the 21st century”
Koichi Ogawa, Monozukuri Management Research Center, The University of Tokyo
FY20052006/03/16“Recent Media Situation – Will the iPod Change the World? -
Yuko Tanaka (Freelance Technical Writer)
FY20042005/03/15“The Future of Electronic Media”
Tomomi Tsubota, Nikkei Digital Core Secretariat, Nikkei Inc.
FY20032004/03/16“Forefront of Industry-Academia Collaboration 2004” (tentative title)
Isamu Shimizu, Society for the Promotion of Science and Technology/ Tokyo Tech TLO Executive Director
FY20022003/03/15“Materials Revolution Saves Japan – Embryonic Movement toward Rebirth as a Technology Nation”
Shoichi Terayama, Nikkei BP Nikkei Business
FY20012002/03/15“Current Status and Future Prospects of Internet Use for Newspaper Information Distribution”
Toru Igarashi, Sankei Shimbun Digital Media Headquarters
FY20002001/03/15” “
Sankei newspaper
FY19992000/03/15“Image processing technology and business model patents”
Masao Toyoda, Toyota Patent Office
FY19981999/03/15“Forefront of Business Convenience Stores”
Yoshihisa Urakami, Vice President, Kinko’s Japan Co., Ltd.



Council member list


Council member list