Publication Fee



[About open access for the Journal and revision of article publication fees]


        Editor-in-Chief: Kazuki Nakamura

 (Published in the Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan, Vol.58, No.2(2019))


Thank you very much for your continued understanding and cooperation in the activities of the Society. We would like to inform you about the opening access of the Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan and the revision of article publication fees.

The Imaging Society of Japan, a general incorporated association, publishes six issues a year every two months of its academic journal, the Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan. In addition to commonly submitted papers and commentaries, we are serializing “Imaging Today (IT), Advanced Technology (AT)” which focuses on recent topics or specific themes from fields of deep interest to our members, technical columns “Imaging Highlight”, educational lectures, laboratory visits, etc.

Currently, the content of academic journals is disseminated by sending copies of the magazine to its members, as well as by sending individual articles to members only on J-Stage (an electronic journal site of the Japan Science and Technology Agency). You can view and download PDF files.

On the other hand, in recent years, the importance of open innovation has increased, and academic journals in Japan and abroad are increasingly becoming open access (a method of publishing that allows anyone to view them on the web). Based on the recommendations from the Board of Directors, the Editorial Committee has repeatedly considered the implementation and method of making academic journals open access. As a result, with the approval of the Board of Directors in March 2019, we have decided to implement open access to the electronic version of the academic journal on J-Stage using the following method from April 2019.


・General submitted papers/invited papers: Open at the same time as academic journal publication

・Requested explanations, etc. (mainly explanations in IT, AT, etc.): Open to the public one year after publication of the academic journal

・Other series, articles, etc.: Not open

By adopting this open access method, the following benefits are expected for members as contributors and readers, and for the society.


・Authors: Improving the recognition of research results by promptly disseminating them both domestically and internationally

・Readers: Access to high-quality research and development information by improving the quality of submitted papers

・Societies/journals: Improving academic value through wider recognition of image-related technologies and increased number of paper citations


Furthermore, by setting a one-year lag in making feature articles open access, and not making other academic journal content open access, we are ensuring the quality of the information service available exclusively to our members.

With this open access, the Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan will not only be used to disseminate and share research and development results and related technologies within the society, but also take on a new role of actively disseminating image-related research to a variety of researchers and research fields both domestically and internationally. 

With the implementation of open access, the article publication fee will be revised from the previous 3,000 yen/page to 5,000 yen/page in order to cope with the cost of publishing on the web (color pages, reprints, etc.) (costs remain unchanged). This publication fee revision will be applied to papers submitted after April 10, 2019.

We ask for your continued understanding and cooperation regarding the activities of the Society.