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[Distribution of test charts]

The Imaging Society of Japan creates and distributes test charts for evaluating the image quality of copying machines, direct plate making machines, etc., and the prints obtained from them. They were developed based on discussions at the Technical Committee’s Subcommittee on Image and Image Quality Evaluation (Subcommittee 1).


List of test charts / screen gauge published by the Imaging Society of Japan


[Distribution of standard carriers]


The Technical Committee of the Imaging Society of Japan has established the “Toner Charge Measurement Standard” for the blow-off measurement method, with the aim of allowing the toner charge to be treated as a unique value independent of the measuring device. Furthermore, ISJ has established and distributed a “Standard Developer for Toner Charge Measurement” for testing measuring instruments and methods. In addition to these, in order to treat the toner charge of commercially available toner as a common value, ISJ has standardized the carrier that is the frictionally charged partner of toner, and set the certified carrier as the “Standard Carrier.” ISJ has started its distribution.


Notice regarding distribution of standard carrier for toner charge measurement


[Distribution of standard developer]


The Imaging Society of Japan Technical Committee established the “Toner Charge Measurement Standard” on December 1, 1998, with the aim of making it possible to treat toner charge as a unique value that does not depend on the measuring device. This time, ISJ will be testing and distributing the developer that has been certified using this measurement standard as the “Standard Developer for Toner Charge Measurement.”


Distribution has ended as the stock is sold out. 2008.09.23