Call for candidates for 2023 Technology Award

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 Call for candidates for 2023 Technology Award


October 14, 2023


The Imaging Society Japan will select and award the “Technology Award” to those who have developed imaging technologies and related technologies that have proven practicality. The Nominating Committee is recruiting candidates according to the following guidelines. SSelf-recommendations and recommendations by others are welcome.


  1. Application conditions
    Imaging technologies and related peripheral technologies that are covered by the Imaging Society of Japan and have been proven to be highly original and have excellent practicality. In addition, the applicable technologies are limited to those that have been announced for at least one year but less than five years.
    At the time of award, at least the first recipient of the award must be an individual member of the Society.
  2. Application method
    Please submit the specified application documents by mail to the Imaging Society of Japan Technology Award Selection Committee by the end of January 2024. Please download the application form below. ⇒Click here
  3. Where to submit application documents
    c/o Tokyo Polytechnic University, 2-9-5, Honcho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, 164-8678 Japan
    Imaging Society of Japan, Technology Award Selection Committee
    TEL : 03-3373-9576 FAX : 03-3372-4414

Imaging Society of Japan Nominating Committee
Chair Hiroaki Iino

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