Technical Committee



The “Technical Committee” has established “Technical Subcommittees” for the current scope of the Society and areas that it wishes to expand in the future. The subcommittees actively carry out activities such as planning and managing technical seminars and symposiums in their respective fields.


Introduction of the activities of the Technical Subcommittee


Thermal Printing Technology


Simulation Technology


[Digital Fabrication (recess)]


Imaging Sensibility and Vision


MBD Technology


Purpose and mission of the technical committee


[ Purpose ] 


●To have insight into the current scope of the Society and the areas it wants to expand in the future and to play a role as a catalyst for technological development in the relevant field by holding technical seminars in a timely manner.


●To propose the technical direction (policy) of the society.


●To think about technical cooperation with other academic societies.


[ Mission ]


●To present a policy after discussing the expansion, maintenance, and withdrawal of the technical field of the society.


●To consider the establishment, consolidation and abolishment of subcommittees based on the above policy.


●Proposing and coordinating the holding of study groups that span the divisions.


●Mutual coordination of the holding times of technical seminars, etc. of each subcommittee.


Notice from Technical Committee

Notice from Technical Committee (3)

Imaging Terminology Webpage was renewed.

Technical Committee on Imaging Terminology



Commemorative publication for the 40th anniversary of the founding of the society “Imaging Terminology” published

Technical Committee 5th Subcommittee (editing NIP technical terms)

The Imaging Terminology was compiled by the Technical Committee on Terminology (5th subcommittee) with the cooperation of many authors as part of the 40th anniversary project of the Society. As a glossary of this society, there is an “Electrophotography Glossary” (chief examiner: Hisatomo Kiwaki), which was compiled in 1988 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the foundation of the society. The Imaging Terminology was created as an extension.



“Electrophotography-related technical literature list (1987-1996) CD-ROM version” published!

Compiled by a member of the Second Committee of the Technical Committee, which specializes in electrophotographic technology

The Imaging Society of Japan will publish a list of domestic and international technical literature published between 1987 and 1996 that covers all aspects of electrophotography, from supplies, processes, machinery to image processing. Approximately 2,000 selected documents are organized by technical field, so we believe that it will be useful for research and development, technical research and planning related to electrophotography.