Technical Committee on Electrophotographic Technology


C.F.Carlson: From USP2297691 patent drawing

In 2018, electrophotographic technology reached a milestone of 80 years since its invention by C.F. Carlson.
The Technical Committee on Electrophotographic Technology of the Imaging Society of Japan is expanding the range of its activities by embarking on new initiatives, such as launching a “copy machine heritage” certification project as part of the Society’s 60th anniversary commemoration project.
As a subcommittee that is responsible for technology that is the core of many of our members’ main businesses, we will work with you to further develop electrophotographic technology and explore new developments.

Activity Policy of the Subcommittee

The purpose of the Committee on Electrophotographic Technology is to disseminate information on electrophotography technology both inside and outside the academic society, and to support in-depth and development activities.

・A regular technical meeting will be held to collect and examine information related to electrophotographic technology.

・We hold a technical seminar every year to support technology penetration, deep dive into technology, and technology exchange.

Activities of the Subcommittee

Demonstration of Xerox 1385 at Electrophotographic Technical Seminar

[Planning/management of technical seminar]
FY2018 “Technical Seminar commemorating the 80th anniversary of the invention of the Carlson method” ~History of Fuji Xerox electrophotography~

Date and time: October 22, 2018 (Monday) 13:30-17:00 / Location: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. “Technology History Museum” (Tsukahara Training Institute)

The purpose of this event was to look back on the history of electronic photography. There was a lot of content, including an introduction and demonstration of the technology of the “Xerox 1385” (Standard Xerox), an announcement of the first Copying Machine Heritage, and a tour of the “Technology History Museum” where Fuji Xerox’s past machines are preserved and exhibited. The seminar consisted of 54 participants (45 members, 9 non-members) plus instructors and technical committee members, totaling around 100 people.

Copying machine heritage recognition ceremony at 60th anniversary symposium

[Copying Machine Heritage certification project]
Go to the special Copying Machine Heritage page (announcement of the 1st Copying Machine Heritage and information on the 2nd round of recruitment)

In 2018, the 80th anniversary of C.F. Carlson’s invention, the Imaging Society of Japan has begun a project to certify copying machine heritage to commemorate the 60th anniversary of its founding.
The “special page” provides information on the purpose of the certification project, an introduction to the models that have been certified so far, and future recruitment guidelines. We would like to ask all businesses that preserve and display historical copying machines to understand our purpose and cooperate in nominating candidates for copying machine heritage.

[Writing articles and reporting technology trends]

The subcommittee compiles research on technology trends and writes explanatory texts related to electronic photography and regularly reports on them. We introduce the latest topics at “Imaging Cafe Special” and the Kanto Symposium held at the end of the year, and provide explanations in the Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan “Imaging Today” and “Imaging Highlight.”

“Transition of the Committee on Electrophotographic Technology (formerly the 2nd Subcommittee)”, Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan, 57(1)pp.58-59 (2018)

“The Trend of Electrophotographic Technology in 2015”, Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan, 55(3)pp.375-380 (2016)

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