Technical Committee on Inkjet Technology



Subcomittee mission

By exchanging and discussing inkjet technology, product information, trends, and applications, and providing topics and disseminating information both inside and outside of academia, we contribute to the development of inkjet in academia and industry, and to the promotion of inkjet applications.


2018 activity plan

2018.04.25Technology exchange meeting (Visit)Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo Visit to Professor Keiichi Sakai’s laboratory
2018.05.28Technology exchange meeting (Visit)Canon gallery
2018.06.20Technology exchange meeting (Expanded meeting)Exchange meeting for young, mid-career, veteran engineers and researchersHeld at the venue during ICJ2018
2018.07.12, 13Lecture Course (Tokyo)Inkjet basic course UV curing ink
2018.09.07Technical SeminarExpansion into diverse markets and evolution of ink and system technologyHatsumei Kaikan Hall
2018.09.13Technology exchange event (Advanced training course)Image processing
2018.11.16Lecture Course (Kyoto)Inkjet basics
2019.01.31Technology exchange event (Visit)Hosei University Micro and Nanotechnology Research Center


Activities in 2017

DateEventsContents Others 
2017.05.22Technical exchange meeting/tourVisit to Tagawa Laboratory, Tokyo University of Agriculture and TechnologySuper high speed inkjet
2017.06.07Technical exchange meeting/tourVisit to Yasojima Proceed3D printer, Exchange meeting
2017.07.03Technical exchange meeting/mini workshopPiezo inkjet technology trends Exchange meeting also held
2017.07.13,14Lecture Course (Tokyo)Inkjet basic course
Introduction to 3D printers, Office inkjet
2017.08.31Technology exchange event (Advanced training course)Past, present, and future of inkjet technologyExchange meeting also held
2018.09.14Technical Seminar“Higher image quality of inkjet”Htsumei Kaikan Hall
2017.10.11Technical exchange meeting/tourVisit to 3M Japan CTCExchange meeting also held
2017.11.30Lecture Course (Kyoto)Inkjet basics (classification and future, head, ink)
2018.02.09Technology exchange event (Advanced training course)media technology


Activity status report

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